Marketing is not a dark art.

It’s a multi-disciplined area that comprises: applied common sense, psychology, research, analytics and creativity. It is a complex area that impacts and shapes every part of your business. Get your marketing right and your business will thrive, get it wrong and you may no longer have a business.

Every business is unique and therefore all marketing strategies differ. There are however a few general guiding principles that can be applied to every business.


is for Simplicity, the key to good marketing. If your marketing plan looks complicated then simplify it. It should be easy to understand and achieve. Once you have achieved your goals write another marketing planto take you to the next step.

is for Presentation, which should never be underestimated. Don’t miss an opportunity to present yourself well. Everything you do reflects your company and will either positively or negatively affect a customer’s perception. First impressions are what gets customers through the door. Last impressions determine whether or not they will come back again. Reputation can take a lifetime to build and can be destroyed in seconds.

E is for Experimenting with your marketing. Just because something has worked in the past doesn’t necessarily mean it will work in the future. Be brave. If a marketing idea doesn’t work, keep trying something else until you find something that does. Then keep experimenting to stop your marketing becoming stale.

is for Consistency requiring you to know your marketing plan and stick to it. There is a temptation to throw money at every good campaign idea that comes along because it ‘feels’ right. Before you spend a penny of your hard earned cash ensure that any campaign meets the objectives in your marketing plan. Don’t invest in frivolous activities that will take take your eyes off the ball.

is for Investing in a few minutes every day marketing your business. Get into the habit of marketing routinely. Customers go where they are welcomed. All too often businesses neglect to send out the invitations and then complain that they don’t have enough customers.

is for Avoiding people that don’t want your products. Don’t waste time and money trying to promote your product to people who will never want them.

is for the Loyalty that keeps your customers coming back. Know why you are special to your customers. Your customers come to you for a reason. Find out what that reason is and remind them again and again. Then tell the world.

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