Social Media

Social media is a great way of reaching potential customers and publicising your website and business, bu it needs to be done responsibly with the target audience in mind. People do use social media to be bombarded by advertising messages.

Here are some tips
  • Remember it’s always about the customer and not about you.

  • Do an analysis of all current social media activity to use as a baseline for future evaluation.

  • Develop a rolling social media calendar of promotional content.

  • Sign up to Facebook for customer engagement and to promote your website.

  • Sign up to Instagram if you are selling goods or producing creative products
  • Sign up to Twitter to gain awareness

  • Sign up to LinkedIn if your business provides goods and services to other businesses
  • Set up accounts for paid-for targeted advertising campaigns. Do not expect to reach your audience organically for free. Social Media companies know you’re a business and will charge you to reach their audience.

  • Create visual assets to be used on social media to attract attention and stimulate engagement.

  • Follow and like all groups associated with your primary audience

  • Respond to all posts and tweets from these groups with positive messages.

  • Reply to all engagement within 24 hours.

  • Don’t make excuses if the engagement is negative. Be honest and treat people as friends. If they were not interested in you company, they wouldn’t get in touch.

  • Don’t post the trivial unless it’s relevant and there’s a point to it.

  • Don’t be boastful.

  • For every sales message post three non-sales messages.

  • Don’t bore people ore overload their in-boxes. Keep posts to a maximum of two per day (Twitter posts keep to a maximum of four).

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