SMART Goals and Targets

Goals and targets are a normal part of everyday life. They guide our relationships, work choices, sporting endeavours and even domestic tasks like cooking dinner on time. Without setting goals and targets, life would be chaotic and completely out of control.

SMART goal setting brings structure to the process of goal setting and ensures the targets are robust and achievable rather than vague ideas. They can be used to set both the overall goals and intermediary targets to achieve the final objective.

S Specific The goal should be clear and specific and not ambiguous
M Measurable The goal needs to be measurable so that progress can be tracked. This can help you stay focused to meet your time deadlines
A Achievable There is no point in having a goal that cannot be achieved. Your goal should stretch your abilities, but still be attainable. They should be within own remit and not be reliant on the actions of others.
R Relevant The goal should be aligned with any overall objectives.
T Time Bound Every goal should have a target date that the goal should be achieved by. Having a deadline focuses the mind and stops everyday tasks taking priority over longer term objectives.