Advertising that hits the spot

I keep saying to my clients (some of them listen), that great advertising is when an advert communicates directly to the audience. It’s not about grandstanding and saying how wonderful you are. Great advertising creates an emotional bond with the client by reflecting back to them their own experiences before providing them with a clear and concise solution to their problems.

A perfect example of this is, is the recent TV commercial for Rightmove, which you can see here:.

It’s a rare example of using a negative emotion, in this case ‘dread’ to portray a very positive message. There can’t be a single person over the age of fifty that hasn’t experienced the dread of climbing up a flight of stairs for the umpteenth time at someone else’s beck and call. Compare that to opposite emotion of excitement in the baby towards the end. Same flight of stairs, two different experiences, two different emotions.

From an emotional point of view it works on so many levels.

Combining strong visuals and audio it get’s the advertiser point of view across perfectly.

The only downside to this to this commercial, is now when my wife wants something fetching or carrying I get referred to as ‘Graham.’

Slightly annoying, but having said that, when advertising spills into everyday life, surely that is the highest compliment of all.