Bring a presentation to life with a spoken audio soundtrack. By adding an explanation to your slides you are ensuring that a consistent message is being delivered to everyone who sees and hears it.

A spoken audio track also helps with inclusion as it engages with people who may have a visual impairment of have difficulty understanding written text.

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Social Media Posts

In a few years, we’re told, 80% of all content uploaded to social media sites will be video.

So how do you get your company’s video to stand out amongst all the others?

Simple, give it a spoken audio soundtrack.

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Podcasts are an excellent way of speaking directly to your customers.

Especially if your company has a new product or service or you’d like to explain some benefits in a little more detail.

By using my voice, it gives your podcast a sense of independency and gets over that tricky problem that most people have… the one where most people hate the sound of their recorded voice.

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Crowdfunding videos are an excellent way raising capital for your new business venture.

You can make your crowdfunding video stand out from the rest by using my voice to link all the component parts of your video together.

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Broadcast Media

My voice is available for TV commercials, radio commercials and other broadcasted media.

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