Website Copy

Your website is one of the most important parts of your business. It’s very often the first point of contact for new customers. Your landing and product pages need to be clear, concise and uncluttered with clear instructions regarding what you want your customers to do. Contact me regarding updating and writing new copy.

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Radio Commercials

Radio airtime is expensive and therefore the message has to be both relevant and memorable to achieve the maximum impact.

As a finalist in the London International Advertising Awards, and with two Aerial awards for radio creativity, I could create a radio campaign for your business to help generate a healthy return on your investment.

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Advertising Copy

If you require copy for TV commercials or infommercials you’ve come to the right place.

Upload your requirements and let me know any restrictions regarding time or word length and let me do the rest.

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Social Media Copy

The best social media campaigns have a structure to them. Let me plan your campaigns in advance and supply you with the copy you need and details of when you should post them.

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Every business needs a strapline or slogan that in some way summarises a company’s unique selling proposition; reinforces the benefits of dealing with that company; and gives a flavour of the values that underpin it.

A tall order in less than seven or eight words. Click on the link and let me help your company with developing your straplines.

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Formal Letters

A lot of people have difficulty formulating a formal letter or a letter of complaint.

It’s not because they can’t, it’s because we are no longer used to writing them.

The result is normally an hour staring at a blank screen wondering where to start and pondering on what are the right words to say.

Click on the link and let me take away the hassle and heartache.

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